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The Skyjacker’s Tale Film Screening Announcement re: Virgin Islands v. Gereau, et al.

  PRESENTS THE SKYJACKER’S TALE  DIRECTED BY: Jamie Kastner Starring: Ishmael Muslim Ali (formerly LaBeet), Margaret Ratner Kunstler, Michael Ratner  OFFICIAL SELECTION: Toronto International Film Festival 2016 Opens in New York on Friday, June 30th at the Village East with…
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Michael Ratner: One Year Later, Still a Hero – Center for Constitutional Rights Legal Director – Baher Azmy The day I learned of Michael Ratner’s passing, one year ago today, I had to travel to Richmond, Virginia to argue an appeal related to one of the Abu Ghraib torture suits CCR brought against an odious private military…
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Michael’s Politics – by Michael Steven Smith

Michael Ratner’s Politics                                                                                                                          “There is no joy the world can give that it cannot take away.” One of the last times I saw Michael was via FaceTime.  He was out of the hospital once again and back in the…
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Michael Ratner’s Army – The New York Review of Books – by David Cole

As Barack Obama looks to the end of his tenure as president and commander-in-chief, the prison camp he inherited at Guantánamo Bay remains one of his most frustrating challenges. He promised to close it on his second day in office….
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Remembering Michael Ratner – Louis Proyect – Blog

(Image TecNica Volunteers) Michael Ratner, one of the most effective and respected constitutional rights attorneys in the USA and president emeritus of the Center for Constitutional Rights, died of cancer yesterday. The NY Times ran an obit that was noteworthy for…
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Michael Ratner, Bold Civil Liberties Lawyer, Dies at 72 – Obituary – New York Times – by Sam Roberts – PDF

2016 Michael Ratner, Bold Civil Liberties Lawyer, Dies at 72 Michael Ratner, a fearless civil liberties lawyer who successfully challenged the United States government’s detention of terrorism suspects at Guantánamo Bay without judicial review, died on Wednesday in Manhattan. He was 72….
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