Dacajeweiah (John Hill) – Criminal Justice – CCR Docket 1977-1978

Although Governor Carey supposedly “closed the book”  on Attica, one inmate. Dacajeweiah, remains imprisoned. The governor commuted Dacajeweiah’s life sentence for the al­leged murder of a prison guard during the 197l Atlica upris­ing, but left Dacajeweiah’s release date in the hands of the parole board. Because of massive legislative pressure on the board, it denied him release. This decision came after Daca­jeweiah and his attorneys had been informed that his release was imminent, in line with the spirit of the Governor’s mes­sage pardoning every other indicted  inmate and the one in­dicted state trooper because the evidence or crimes by the law enforcement personnel Involved in the retaking of the  prison had been  hopelessly mismanaged .

A broad group of attorneys is presently undertaking three different legal strategies in an effort to obtain Dacajeweia his release. These include: the direct appeal of his criminal con­viction; the appeal of’ the parole board’s decision denying him parole: and a motion for a new trial.

We hope this  legal  pressure  combined with  other  efforts will result in Dacajeweiah’s release.

 Michael Ratner. William Kunstler with Ramsey Clark, Elizabeth Fink, Michael Kennedy, Ed Koren, Jonathan Lubell, Mary O’Melveny, and Margaret Ratner.