In the Matter of Fuentes – International Human Rights and Solidarity – CCR Docket 1989-1990

Rosa Maribel Fuentes, a Salvador an woman, living in Washington, D.C., works for the National Federation of Salvadoran Workers. The CCR is assisting her in seek­ing political asylum, as she is certain that if deported to El Salvador she  will be killed because of her union activities.

Fuentes lived in El Salvador until 1983, where she was active in trade unions with Carlos Francisco Maya, the man with whom she lived. In 1980 Maya was one of 21 workers from the area abducted and killed by the military in a notorious massacre. One year later, Fuentes was abducted by the military at gunpoint in the middle of the night. She was imprisoned without charges until an amnesty for political prisoners was declared in 1983. While in prison she was repeatedly beaten, tortured, and interro­gated. Her mother was mysteriously killed while en route to the prison to visit her.

In June 1988 the CCR, through cooperat­ing attorney, Michael Maggio, filed an appli­cation for asylum which was denied. Fuen­tes has joined as a plaintiff in American. Baptist Churches v. Thornburgh, another CCR case which challenges INS foreign policy toward Central American refugees.

Michael Ratner, with CCR cooperating attorney Michael Maggio; Phillip Williams