John Hill – Criminal Justice – CCR Docket 1976-1977

After commuting Hill’s life sentence for the murder of a prison guard during the Attica uprising in September, 1971, Gov­ernor Carey, operating through the Parole Board, denied him parole for at least two more years. This decision came after Hill and his attorneys had been informed that his release was imminent, in line with the spirit of the Governor’s message pardoning every other indicted inmate and the one indicted tate trooper because the evidence of crimes by law enforce­ment personnel involved in the re-taking of the prison had been hopelessly mismanaged. Because of this and the fact that Hill is the only person in jail as a result of the Attica rebellion, a petition for a writ of habeas corpus has just been filed on his behalf in the Supreme Court of Westchester County and will be heard shortly.

William Kunstler, Dennis Cunningham, Elizabeth Fink, Jonathan Lubell, Mary O’Melueny, Margaret Ratner, Michael Ratner.