Federal Court Weighs Gitmo Force-Feeding – TRNN Video Link

Well, this is Guantanamo week. And the Center for Constitutional Rights has represented Guantanamo detainees for many years–actually, the first case. But it’s Guantanamo week in the sense that finally forced feeding at Guantanamo is going on trial–or went on trial for a period of two or three days. That’s the question of the legality of the forced feeding that the U.S. government does at Guantanamo. There’s no decision yet. Hopefully there’ll be a decision in a few days.
I want to remind people about Guantanamo. It’s still there, 13th year coming up. A hundred and forty-nine people are detained. Seventy-nine have been cleared for release, which means they shouldn’t be there at all, even according to the U.S. government. But they’re still there.