Law and Disorder Radio – Dr. Catherine Wilkerson Police Brutality Case – Prison Legal News Settlement – Hosts: Dalia Hashad, Heidi Boghosian, Michael Steven Smith & Michael Ratner – Produced by Geoff Brady

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Prison Legal News Settlement
When we think of doctor closing a wound many things come to mind – sutures, staples, band aids or the like. It might astound many to learn that some doctors use Krazy glue on inmate patients. During a time when government transparency is nearly obsolete, we find the few that act as beacons of hope. When he first requested the records for medical malpractice cases involving inmates in 2000, Paul Wright never imagined how much trouble it would be.

After six years of legal battles over alterations to original documents and failure to produce crucial records in a timely fashion, Mr. Wright finally has his records, a story and the biggest public records related settlement in Washington state history of $541,000.

Guest – Paul Wright, editor of Prison Legal News, a publication that looks into our correctional facilities and reports on prisoners’ rights. Paul is also on the board of the National Lawyers Guild.





Police Brutality: Dr. Catherine Wilkerson Case

Police used excessive force when they attacked peaceful protestors who rallied at a University of Michigan event sponsored by the American Movement for Israel. As the senior medical professional on scene, Dr. Catherine Wilkerson took responsibility for the well-being of a middle-aged man who claimed he couldn’t breath and lost consciousness. She exhorted the police to get off of him, and was allowed to check his pulse and breathing.

Wilkerson later protested when Emergency Medical Service (EMS) personnel breached ethical medical practices by forcing ammonia into the man’s nostrils and face. It was at this time that she was physically assaulted and detained by Ann Arbor police.

No charges were filed until after Dr. Wilkerson wrote a complaint to authorities about the actions of the police officers. A week since writing the letter, Dr. Wilkerson was charged by the Washtenaw County Prosecutor Brian Mackie’s office, at the request of the UM police, with two attempted felonies–one against Officer Warner and one against the EMS personnel.

Guest – Buck Davis, National Lawyers Guild attorney with the Police Accountability Project working on this case