Law and Disorder Radio – Henri Alleg on Torture – Military Commissions Act of 2006 – Jim Lafferty on the Antiwar Movement – Hosts: Dalia Hashad, Heidi Boghosian, Michael Steven Smith & Michael Ratner – Produced by Geoff Brady

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Henri Alleg, Author of the The Question

Hosts Michael Ratner and Michael Steven Smith interview Henri Alleg for the first half hour. Alleg, a French journalist living in Paris, supported Algerian independence during the French Algerian War (1954-1962). He was arrested by French paratroopers during the Battle of Algiers in June 1957 and interrogated.

Henri Alleg describes to Law and Disorder hosts in this exclusive interview how he was questioned hung from his feet and tortured with a similar brutality and sadism often described by prisoners in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib. Alleg talks about his republished book The Question. It’s a moving account of that month of interrogation and his triumph over his torturers. Jean-Paul Sartre has written the preface that remains a relevant commentary on the moral and political effects of torture on the both the victim and perpetrator. A very moving story.









Incoming National Lawyers Guild President Marjorie Cohn

Law and Disorder welcomes back professor of law and NLG president Marjorie Cohn. Hosts discuss with Marjorie Cohn the Military Commissions Act of 2006, the subsequent loss of Habeas Corpus for non-citizens and permanent aliens in the the United States. Marjorie also comments on the construction of detention centers in the United States contracted by Kellogg Brown and Root (KBR) a subsidiary of Hallibuton.
A quote from KBR press release referenced by NLG president Marjorie Cohn – “The contract, which is effective immediately, provides for establishing temporary detention and processing capabilities to augment existing Immigration and Custom Enforcement Detention and Removal Operations (DRO) Program facilities in the event of an emergency influx of immigrants into the U.S., or to support the rapid development of new programs. The contingency support contract provides for planning and, if required, initiation of specific engineering, construction and logistics support tasks to establish, operate and maintain one or more expansion facilities. The contract may also provide migrant detention support to other U.S. Government organizations in the event of an immigration emergency, as well as the development of a plan to react to a national emergency, such as a natural disaster. In the event of a natural disaster, the contractor could be tasked with providing housing for ICE personnel performing law enforcement functions in support of relief efforts.”








Where are the demonstrators?

Law and Disorder hosts talk with Jim Lafferty, executive director of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Lawyer’s Guild and host of the Guild Radio Show on Pacifica’s sister affiliate KPFK 90.7 FM in Los Angeles. Hosts talk with Jim Lafferty about fighting the legal battle of protesting in the streets on the west coast and the victories. A serious yet, uplifting interview on the state of the peace movement in the United States.