Law and Disorder Radio – May Day Roundtable Discussion – Catastrophic Climate Change Forum – Hosts: Dalia Hashad, Heidi Boghosian, Michael Steven Smith & Michael Ratner – Produced by Geoff Brady

Law and Disorder Radio

May Day Roundtable Discussion – Law and Disorder hosts talk with Annette Rubenstein, literary historian and author, Haymarket playwright Zayd Dorn, and Julie Ruben with the Brecht Forum. The discussion winds through historic labor movements in the last century, as Annette Rubenstein recollects the seldom heard stories of protests and labor demonstrations during the 1930s in New York City.








Stanley Aronowitz joins in afterward to discuss the climate of the current labor movement and beyond. Aronowitz, professor of sociology, cultural studies, and urban education at the CUNY Graduate Center is also a veteran political activist and cultural critic and a passionate champion of organized labor.













Catastrophic Climate Change Forum

We listen to a short segment from Dr. James Hansen, director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies speaking at the Catastrophic Climate Change Forum at Albany Law School, New York. This 9 minute segment from Hansen’s one hour presentation builds the case that global climate change is at a tipping point and emissions from power plants and vehicles are mainly to blame. Law and Disorder will air more from this forum in the programs to come.