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Newly Launched Whistleblower Site – Honest Appalachia

Activists in Virginia have launched a website appealing to whistleblowers wanting to reveal evidence of corporate and government wrongdoing. The site is called It uses a security technology to protect citizens who upload documents and it keeps their identity hidden if there’s legal action. Inspired by Wikileaks, Honest Appalachia is a low cost model that can be adapted by others worldwide.

Jimmy Tobias:

The site is meant to be a resource for whistleblowers, that allows them to anonymously upload documents to our site. We will take those documents and vet them, and distribute them to journalists.

SOPA is definitely a risk to transparency and whistleblower resources on the web.

You go on our site, and you read our submission guide which is a step by step.

The guide will tell you to download TOR. A simple piece of software which routes your activity through servers across the world, which essentially makes your activity anonymous.

Your IP address basically gets lost in the crowd. We will never know who you are uploading to our site.

We also encrypt the documents we receive.

We have information on our site where others can take our open source software and use 80 percent of it.

Our project is focusing outreach in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, also includes Georgia and South Carolina.

We’re really hoping to receive documents about wrongdoing at the state and local level of government, from corporations in the region.

Appalachia is a very industrialized region but its also very rural.

We were funded with a grant from the Sunlight Foundation.

Generally there’s a lot of cozy relationships in the states, between industry and government.

We’re focusing on a broad array whether they’re coal or gas companies, banks, zoning boards, state and local governments, anything that could engage in corruption at the expense of the public.

Guest – Jim Tobias, activist and direct action protester.