Law and Disorder Radio – Paul Craig Roberts on Executive Overreach – Panel Excerpts: From New Orleans 1973 to Guantanamo 2006: A Discussion on Torture at the Hands of the US Government – Hosts: Dalia Hashad, Heidi Boghosian, Michael Steven Smith & Michael Ratner – Produced by Geoff Brady

Law and Disorder Radio

Paul Craig Roberts – Hosts discuss with former assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration how the Neoconservative movement has dismantled legislation to create a police state.










From New Orleans 1973…to Guantanamo 2006, A Discussion On Torture At the Hands of the US Government.

We hear excerpts from the two and half hour event. The Center for Constitutional Rights assemble a panel that include Black Panthers, Bill Goodman, Michael Ratner and Gita Gutierrez from CCR. Black Panther, Hank Jones describes how after 30 years, the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force tracked down former Black Panthers Harold Taylor, Hank Jones and John Bowman to cooperate in a state grand jury proceeding, investigating a police shooting in 1971. Defense attorneys believe that San Francisco Police Department Inspectors Frank McCoy and Ed Erdelatz were on site at the New Orleans police department for the interrogation and torture of the arrested men.





Co-Host Michael Smith talks with musician Mat Calahan, author of The Trouble With Music. Eli Smith, New York musician and producer also joins the discussion. Excerpt from AK Press – “There is a crisis facing music. The signs are everywhere, from the saturation of public space by tuneful trivia to the digital downloading controversy. Quantity has replaced quality. The number of units sold is now the criteria by which music is judged, and high-gloss, mass-produced, low-content music is everywhere. You can’t shop, eat, ride a bus, or see a movie without hearing it, as each day you are inundated with enticements to buy it. Like the replacement of essential nutriment by junk food, music lovers are expected to surrender their critical faculties and consume the phony McMusic that can be more effectively controlled and profitably sold. . .”