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Racial Profiling

Hosts discuss the undercurrents of racism embedded in the fabric of daily life in the United States. As in Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney’s recent experience, Law and Disorder co-host, Dalia Hashad shares her own experience with listeners of what happened at the Houston Airport restaurant, Bubba’s Seafood Grill.

Racial Profiling in Georgia.

Update on the targeting of South Asian convenient store owners in Rome, Georgia.


Guest – Vanita Gupta – with the NAACP Legal Defense Fund











Venezuelan Justice Fernando Ramon Vegas Torrealba of the Supreme Court of Venezuela – In 1999, the Venezuelan people approved by popular vote a new constitution which includes many guarantees for formerly excluded sectors of society – the work of women in the home is recognized as contributing economic value and entitling them to social security; a worker’s right to a wage that provides a life with dignity is recognized; the rights of indigenous people and minorities are protected; and health care is a guaranteed right. Provisions are made for the protection of the environment. Political freedoms such as expression and assembly are articulated. Oil and mineral wealth is claimed as the property of the Venezuelan republic and new legislation has been passed that designates a portion of the profits from the oil industry to public welfare – health care, housing, low cost food and worker cooperatives. Private as well as cooperative forms of property ownership are recognized.

Guest – Justice Vegas Torrealba will discuss this new constitution and describes vivid first hand account of the US involvement during the 2002 coup de tat attempt. Justice also says that during the coup attempt US military ships were docked near the coast of Venezuela. Vegas says they were jamming cell phone signals, blacking out a swath of communication.





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