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Implanting RFID Chips into the Flesh of 200 Alzheimer’s Patients

We will be bringing you updates here on Law and Disorder on the intrusiveness of RFID technology. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. Some are passive and can be read with scanners up to 3 feet or more. Others broadcast a specific signal. In the past we’ve discussed how big companies plan to embed the so called Spychip into clothes, credit cards, shoes and human flesh, all in the name of convenience, safety and commerce. The breach of civil liberties is staggering. Now, however, the move to inject and track human beings with RFID chips is becoming a reality.

It sounds like a scene from Steven Spielberg’s futuristic film Minority Report, but a plan is under way right now to inject chips into 200 elderly Alzheimer’s patients in Florida. The producers of the chip say implantation should always be voluntary, but many question the ethics of conducting research on medically impaired.








Guest – Liz McIntyre, co-author of the book Spychips: How Major Corporations and Government Plan to Track your Every Move with RFID. She is an expert on this new technology that has literally hundreds of patent applications pending approval for a wide range of uses. Listeners – Take Action!











John Ehrenberg: Left Forum 2007 – Bush and Company’s War on Civil Liberties and What it Means For Our Future

We listen to a speech by political scientist John Ehrenberg. He spoke at the Left Forum this year on a panel titled “Bush and Company’s War on Civil Liberties and What it Means For Our Future.” John Ehrenberg is the author of the recent book Servants of Wealth: The Right’s Assault on Economic Justice.

This is his third book where critically analyzes the rise of an ideologically coherent “right.” He dissects their themes of military weakness, moral decay, racial anxiety, and hostility to social welfare to reveal their central organizing objective of protecting wealth and assaulting equality.