Law and Disorder Radio – Subway Searches – Tracked in America Eric Shaw – Al McCoy Interviewed on A Question of Torture – Lynne Stewart Sentencing – Hosts: Dalia Hashad, Heidi Boghosian, Michael Steven Smith & Michael Ratner – Produced by Geoff Brady

Law and Disorder Radio

Law and Disorder hosts welcome back co-host Dalia Hashad. Dalia describes experiences while on a “Taser Tour” through the UK with Amnesty International, an effort to bring awareness among Scottish law enforcement about the use and physical hazards of Taser weapons.









Tracked In America

Here on Law and Disorder we will be showcasing the voices from a documentary project called Tracked in America. The project introduces the stories of 25 individuals who have been targeted by the US government. The stories span from World War I to the post-9/11 reality. This week, Law and Disorder hosts talk with Eric Shaw.

As covered extensively on Law and Disorder, the post-9/11 period has seen a dramatic expansion of government surveillance. Law enforcement has received extensive funding for this purpose. With little regulation and poor understanding of constitutional protections, the authorities have overstepped their bounds, especially in monitoring political activity. Eric Shaw is one of those citizens monitored by the US government.

Eric Shaw joined the U. S. Marines to foster those ideals at home and abroad and when he returned to civilian life years later, he lost respect for the U.S. government during the buildup to the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq.


In this interview Eric describes how he organized anti-war demonstrations and the intimidating surveillance tactics. He was stunned when riot police shot at him and other peaceful protesters at a very well known demonstration in Oakland, California but Shaw refuses to be silenced.

Boston subway search policy – No Probable Cause?

The Massachusetts MBTA recently enacted a search policy whereby transit police can search any passenger on the public transit system for any kind of device or substance that could be used as a weapon. They can use canine units to sniff through your belongings, electronic scanners and perhaps most frightening, they can do so without probable cause.

In response to this new search policy, volunteers have formed the Safe-T Coalition to education commuter at selected subway stations about how this recent policy severely infringes our civil liberties. The “T” is what Bostonians call their transit system. The coalition is handing out informational fliers and buttons that read “I Do Not Consent to a Search.”

Guest – Jeff Feuer, co-chair of the Massachusetts Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild.




A Question of Torture – Al McCoy

We hear an excerpt from the nearly one-hour interview Law and Disorder co-hosts Michael Ratner and Michael Steven Smith conducted with author Al McCoy. A Question of Torture is a revelatory account of the CIA’s secret, fifty-year effort to develop new forms of torture, historian Alfred W. McCoy uncovers the deep, disturbing roots of recent scandals at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo. Far from aberrations, as the White House has claimed, A Question of Torture shows that these abuses are the product of a long-standing covert program of interrogation.

Developed at the cost of billions of dollars, the CIA’s method combined “sensory deprivation” and “self-inflicted pain” to create a revolutionary psychological approach—the first innovation in torture in centuries. The simple techniques—involving isolation, hooding, hours of standing, extremes of hot and cold, and manipulation of time—constitute an all-out assault on the victim’s senses, destroying the basis of personal identity.









Lynn Stewart Sentencing

An afternoon in front of the Daniel Patrick Moynihan Courthouse awaiting Lynne Stewart’s sentencing

Law and Disorder brings you the voices, attorneys and Lynne Stewart’s first statements following her sentencing from the steps of the courthouse near Foley Square in downtown Manhattan, New York City. Hundreds of Lynne Stewart supporters were corralled into a pen on the sidewalk and you’ll hear police shouting at supporters. We begin with comments from demonstrator Irene Sadek, Lynne Stewart supporter – Law and Disorder co-hosts Michael Smith and Michael Ratner, excerpts from the Lynne Stewart press conference and conclude with amazing details from inside the courtroom in an exclusive Law and Disorder debriefing of attorney Jeff Mackler.