Manning and the Media – Panel Presentation – Video

Michael Ratner, attorney with the Center for Constitutional Rights, during a panel presentation on “Manning and the Media” on the eve of Bradley Manning’s long-delayed trial. Ratner and the CCR are representing Wikileaks and Julian Assange, as well as supporting Bradley Manning, fellow whistleblower Jeremy Hammond, and “countless others” targeted by the U.S. government. The Obama administration has waged a war on dissent, on whistleblowers, and on the media– it goes after these “with a sledgehammer”– to send all citizens a message, he said. The message is that it does not want its own criminality, hypocrisy, or corruption exposed. And the media, despite being hit by the “Justice” Department, has largely complied, giving almost no coverage to the facts in the Bradley Manning case to the public it presumably serves. What the media should do instead, Ratner said, is to “hold the government accountable for the crimes Bradley Manning exposed.” (His humorous opening remarks to Medea Benjamin, who was in the audience, are a reference to the way Medea attempted to ask questions during President Obama’s speech about U.S. wars on May 23.)free-bradley-manning-rally