Remembering Michael Ratner … An American Hero – Thom Hartman

For tonight’s Daily Take – we’re honoring Michael Ratner – a true American hero who changed the course of history with his fierce pursuit of justice. Michael’s very first case was a lawsuit against prison guards and state troopers who killed and injured prisoners during the Attica prison uprising in 1971 – and even though the court ruled against him in that case, his lifelong fight on behalf of prisoners and the disadvantaged never wavered. If somebody was in trouble – particularly as the result of an injustice – Michael was there, or made sure somebody else was. He was truly one of the most decent, caring, and compassionate people I’ve ever known. Michael Ratner defined for everybody who knew him what it truly means to be human. I’ll miss him personally, and the world is better for his life, and an emptier place for his loss.