Senate Judiciary Committee Approves New AG — TRNN Video Link

Schumer & Finestein

Yesterday in U.S., Senate Judiciary Committee, President Bush’s nominee for new Attorney General, Michael Mukasey, was passed and sent to the Senate for confirmation. The most interesting votes of course were those of Dianne Feinstein and Chuck Schumer, both Democrats, who voted with the Republicans to support the Bush nominee.

The whole issue of holding this administration accountable for violation of law is something the leadership of the Democratic Party does not seem to want to take up. Yesterday, Kucinich’s resolution to move ahead with impeachment hearings against vice-president Cheney was more or less squashed by the Democratic Party leadership by putting it into the judiciary committee. But you’ve actually taken up this issue of trying to have some level of accountability, but you have to leave the United States to do it. Could you tell us what you’re involved with.

there any more that can be done for in terms of legal recourse within the United States in terms of making this administration accountable? And are there any Democrats that are working to pursue this, either in the Senate or in Congress?