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Cheney pushes to make eavesdropping law permanent – TRNN Transcript – Part One

Ratner: Cheney is misleading the American people (1 of 3) PAUL JAY, SENIOR EDITOR: In 1978, after the Watergate scandal, Congress passed a piece of legislation that was meant to limit the way governments spied on people’s communications. The Foreign…
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Civil Liberties

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If Obama won’t prosecute, Spain will – TRNN Transcript

Michael Ratner: Obama has a duty to prosecute while a Spanish judge moves ahead on his own.   MICHAEL RATNER, PRESIDENT, CENTER FOR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS: It’s good to be with you, Paul. JAY: So bring us up to date. Where…
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International War Crimes

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Bradley Manning Verdict – Democracy Now Transcript

Bradley Manning has been found not guilty of aiding the enemy. He has been found guilty of five espionage charges. He has been found guilty of five theft charges. U.S. Military Announcement of Manning verdict Transcript of today‚Äôs proceedings Watch…
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Internet Freedom

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UN Victory in Assange Case – Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) Blog – with Melinda Taylor and Carey Shenkman

In a major legal victory for international human rights law, the UN acknowledged the risk of extradition to the United States faced by journalist Julian Assange. This decision marks a significant development in the law of detention, and has enormous…
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Internet Freedom

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