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Law and Disorder Radio – Phyllis Bennis on Egypt, Israel and the United States – Paul Buhle on Continued Resistance in Wisconsin – Hosts: Heidi Boghosian, Michael Steven Smith & Michael Ratner – Produced by Geoff Brady

 Supreme Court Gives Police A New Entry Into Your Home Subpoena Issued to Writer in CIA-Iran Leak Case CCR Launches Case Seeking U.S. Knowledge of and Role in Deadly Israeli Attack on Humanitarian Flotilla to Gaza        …
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Civil Liberties, International War Crimes

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Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) v. Department of Defense

http://ccrjustice.org/home/what-we-do/our-cases/ccr-v-department-defensegaza-freedom-flotilla-foia CCR v. Department of Defense is a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit seeking the release of documents from the United States government regarding its knowledge of and role in the deadly May 2010 attack by the Israeli military on…
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