Good afternoon Karen,

I was at a loss for words when I heard what Michael is going through. It was like a knife in the heart. I really love Michael and his courage and legacy. Attached are two photos of Michael this year with CCR’s Ella Baker Law Students. Although Michael is no longer an acting President of the Board, I always find it important that he speak to the students at the beginning of each summer. I am so glad I reached out to Michael to come speak with the students about the rich history of the Center and to provide them with advice about their summer and future in social justice lawyering. Of course, Michael captivated us all with grand tales of his past work, struggles and success. I think I’ve heard Michael speak over 20 times, but, I’m always awed and motivated when he retells stories I’m all too familiar with.

It also filled my heart to see how Michael really enjoys speaking with the youth. Almost as if he knows he’s speaking to the future Ratner’s, Angela Davis’, or Ella Bakers of the world to come. Lastly, I’ve always admired how humbled Michael is in his approach to the work. Although I am not an attorney, he has always made me feel like my role in social justice work is just as valued as his, which is something I can’t say about most I work with… I’m glad I’ve had time in this life to share with Michael. I’m glad I had the privilege to know and work with him. He is a fighter and I hope he will pull through this.

Sending you and him as much love as possible.

In solidarity!

Warm regards,

An-Tuan Williams
Program Associate/ Bertha Justice Institute
Center for Constitutional Rights/ Legal Department