Brandeis Speech Notes – From Magna Carta to Abu Ghraib: Detention/Torture/Disappearances – PDF

2005 Brandeis Speech Notes

Here to talk to you about 9/11–

Title From Magna Carta to Abu Ghraib: Detention/Torture/Disappearances and Summary

Trial in America


CCR—what is it—website—history

Leading on post 9/11—

Books–gitmo; am disap

Shift in its work–

People we agree with

Took some of the hardest cases

Hate mail

Could have titled from 1215 to 1214 in a thousand years—

Fundamental teaching and what it means—authority subject to law—const checks

Didn’t really recall—article 39—

ABA—freedom under law

That is what admin trying to do: treaties—Geneva to cat to const; assert no courts; then attack courts as interfering—

Going back to middle ages—period of inquisition and torture acceptable instrument

Dangerous period–what is happening in America–

  1. legal perspective—fundamental protections—prohibition on torture, disappearances/jailing without trial—rend the fabric
  2. look at the targets—factors alone—non citizen, muslim, arab—brandon Mayfield, chaplain yee; gitmo; federal judge: ruthless drive to convict arab and Islamic suspects; fear in communities—across country
  3. look what US actions have done—soldiers/anger groups we need/easier to recruit

Today describe some of the key features—-work CCR has done—

Initial Post 9/11 roundups; nov 13 order; gitmo; rendition: torture and summary trials

Initial Post 9/11 roundups

Related: 5000 visits and continuing

Mosque visits

False prosecutions

Patriot act

Nov 13 order


Rendition: habib to arar

Summary trials