The Activist, the UN Adviser, the West Point Prof – Chapter from The Sun Climbs Slow: Justice in the Age of Imperial America by Erna Paris – PDF

2008 Chapter from The Sun Climbs Slow by Erna Paris The Activist

An excerpt from the chapter:

The hate mail poured in. Most of those who wrote called him a traitor in a variety of redolent ways. One man (who may not have known that he was quoting the satirist Jonathan Swift) suggested that Ratner invite the Taliban to his home and let them eat his children. Another wrote the following, which I include as an example of the degree of apoplectic rage Ratner elicited: “My opinion is, You are a bald fat fuck, go over to Iraq and let them cut your big ass head off, you idiot scum sucking lawyer go play your bald weeny games somewhere in the mideast if you can fucking get there on your own. . . . I hope some SMART person shoves a nail up your fucking snake belly scum sucking low life lawyer butt fucking ass. Ifyou have kids I feel sorry for them you low life piece of shit.”

The ugly virulence of this letter and others like it under­ score the courage that public dissidence demanded after September 11, 2001.