Happy New Year: Obama’s Gift & Suriname Flora/Fauna with a video by Jake Ratner of the Suriname Family Trip – Just Left Blog Post

Although I am sitting here in Suriname on this New Year’s day, it’s hard not to think of Obama’s gift to us for the New Year: the signing of the NDAA and it’s nasty confirmation of detention and kangaroo trials that Bush and now Obama have been employing for 10 years.  He signed on a no press day, just like Bush used to do; and just like Bush issued a meaningless and unconstitutional signing statement. On January 11 we enter the 11th year of Gitmo–just another broken promise for Obama, but a Hell Hole for prisoners there and around the world.

Last night Paramaibo had the most spectacular fireworks I have ever seen. Over 75 sites shot rockets in the air for two hours–we were entirely surrounded by a gorgeous intense display that went on way past midnight. For now here is a list of many of the animals seen in the rainforest: Jaguar fresh paw print, Toucans, Blue Morpho butterflies, Macaws, Great blue herons, Bush Police bird, Boa constrictor, Whiptail snake, Howler monkey, Cormorant, Paca, Caiman alligator, Toads, Iridescent lizards, Iguana, Hawks, Termites, and more.