International Association of Democratic Lawyers Brussels Conference – Speech Notes – PDF

2014 International Association of Democratic Lawyers Brussels Conference Speech Notes

I so appreciate this invitation to talk you today And am sorry I could not be with you in person at this important conference of the IADL with which I have been involved for perhaps 40 years
I. Today, I want to talk about one area of my and CCR’s work: Our support for and defense of Wikileaks and Julian Assange; as well as other heroes; Through their courage they are giving us the knowledge and the tools we need to fight back against secret, repressive governments-particularly that of the United States-

As well corporations that are destroying even a semblance of democracy

Perhaps in the spotlight of public knowledge the US, as well other countries, will be less able to engage in and carry out actions and practices that undermine fundamental human rights–

In thinking about the last few years-I divide it

There is Before and then there is the After; and then there are the actions we must take now that we are in the after —
Think about 4 years ago-the before-before WL ja cm es jh; and before all the others who are opening the secrets of governments and corporations
Yes, before–we knew war was brutal; diplomacy hypocritical; and massive surveillance likely; but while we thought we knew, we did not really know; flat world without dimension; we could not really see how treacherous, dangerous, and out of our control the world had become –

We could not really see clearly the proof of US and other countries utter criminality, corruption venality and the massive system of control by the surveillance state- especially the US and its partners
But think about now-The After– The criminality of the US government and other governments; what has been exposed -the war crimes committed; diplomats hands deep in the mud of supporting corruption and killing; and a system of surveillance that does not just echo big brother but is big brother; all knowing with a purpose of dominating us and insuring competitive economic advantages

We all must be thankful to the internet activists, whistleblowers and publishing heroes who have made a new world possible – they and their cause-really our cause-must be defended

Secret governments are no longer winning; we are;

II. Take u back and remind you how far we have come I recall awakening in April 2010 CM Video posted on line by WL
a. US helicopter gunship killing Reuters journalist and then more; blood lust utterly chilling war crimes

b. Then later in 2010 WL released the Afghan and Iraq War Logs hundreds of thousands of field reports from the Afghan and Iraq war-daily logs thousands more civilians killed then made public; and torture centers run with US cooperation – the reality of war-and war crimes–which Chelsea Manning–the soldier who released them hoped would bring our country to its senses and understand the brutal reality of these wars —
c. In Nov WL released 250k Diplomatic cables; demonstrating the hypocrisy criminality corruption by US and other countries

The interference in the sov affairs of other countries

Helped bring about the Arab Spring by documenting the Ben ali family corruption in Tunisia Showed the US interfering in international justice in Spain-CCR gitmo torture case Evidence of US secret war in Yemen
Almost every country became top stories India corruption stories for months Importantly the work of WL continues
TPacific Pship; Syria; Kissinger cables WL CM opened the door–

Ill. Then in May 2013 we awake to NSA revelations by Edward Snowden-revelations which are continuing–

NSA, GCHQ and the spy agencies of the other 5 eyes–Canada Aust NZ are taking in everything

Like huge surveillance vacuum cleaners; not about individuals who might be committing a crime or are a threat; but everything–mandate—take it all;
Billions of phone calls every day-whether in the United States or the rest of the world-124 billion phone calls in a month
Our email traffic all over the world Every search we do on google
JA had predicted this–cheaper and easier with computers to suck it all in; look at it later; now we know JA right;
And just so you know-includes attys; and surely my conversations with JA exiled in the Ecuadorian embassy; or your calls with your clients

Still probably many think this surveillance is about stopping terrorism –not the case; at the core is economic spying for competitive reasons to help US companies—its about power and US hegemony
Here is what Snowden said:
These programs were never about terrorism; they’re about economic spying, social control, and diplomatic manipulation. They’re about power.”

One of the latest revelations is the spying on a major Chinese company Huawei that manufactures computers, hardware etc; as it happens major competitor of US company cisco-keeping Cisco dominant-and making sure can get spyware into huawei computers
Or this: GCHQ and NSA Targeted Private German Companies-tech companies

One important fact we can sure of; the cost for all of this–is privacy for none of us

As docs continue to unravel each of the countries you are from will have been targets–a few examples–but also each of you a reason to act in your countries-already mentioned Germany and China-here are some others–
Belgium–Belgium’s largest telecom, Belgacom, was subjected to a massive hacking attack by the GCHQ; compromised the system for 2 years by secretly taking over the computers of its engineers;
lndia–GG story in Hindu–with billions of pieces of information taken by NSA from its telephone and internet networks just in 30 days–

France-70 million phone calls in a month–people suspected of of links to terrorism, but also to French business or politics

Italy NSA monitored 46 million phone calls a month; NSA’s special collection services targeted diplomats Italian leadership

Spain 60 million phone calls in a month

Brazil targeting or Petrobras-the Brazilian oil company and their President; billions of emails

Mexico president cabinet officials phone calls emails text messages of candidates-and wanted to understand economic issues

A shocking list -only a tiny taste of what is out there already and expect more and more

IV. Governments, in their efforts to stop the truth from being revealed, are trying to destroy the truth tellers-through legal and illegal means–and look what they have done-Julian Assange has been given asylum in the Ecuador embassy in London; Edward Snowden is in exile in Moscow; Chelsea Manning has been sentenced to 35 years in prison; Jeremy Hammond, 10 years in prison; the reporters on the NSA-laura poitras and glenn greenwald in exile; and Sarah Harrison who accompanied Ed Snowden from Hong Kong to Moscow and saved him from a US jail is in exile in Berlin

Despite this, they carry on. The leaks continue -and with them-the hope for all of us­ They are the heroes
Our job as lawyers; our job as human beings who care about accountable governments and freedom is to protect them and to fight for them—
V. The long eyes and ears of the 5 eyes are everywhere-their actions are certainly violations of domestic laws; but of international law as well; including the UN Charter ‘s guarantee of territorial integrity
I admonish you — Go after them Go after the US in your courts; go after the 5 eyes; go after those in your country who have cooperated with them -don’t stop — we must stop them –­ and will