Letter from Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Regarding Freedom of Information Act Request for Documents on Che Guevara – PDF

1999 Letter from CIA Regarding FOIA Request for Documents on Che Guevara

Reference: F-1998-00519

Dear Mr. Ratner:

In the course of processing your 18 April 1997 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for information about Ernesto “Che” Guevara, the Defense Intelligence Agency located Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) material which it referred to us for review.

We reviewed the material and determined that the 18 documents, numbered 172601-618, enclosed at Tab A can be released to you in their entirety. The 27 documents at Tab B, numbered 172800-825 and 174662, are released to you with non-substantive deletions that have been made on the basis of FOIA exemption (b)(3). An explanation of FOIA exemptions is enclosed.

For your information, the FBIS has the unclassified mission of receiving and transcribing various foreign media broadcasts and publications. Please note that these documents contain information which is or may be copyrighted in a number of countries. Copying or further dissemination without the permission of the copyright owner(s) is prohibited.

Although only non-substantive information has been deleted from the enclosed documents, you may request review of the decision to delete this information within the 45 days following the date of this letter. If you do, your appeal should be sent to the Agency Release Panel, in my care, explaining the basis of your appeal.

Thank you for your patience while we processed these referred documents.


Lee S. Strickland

Information and Privacy Coordinator