Letter to Judge Sam A. Lindsay Regarding Barrett Brown Sentencing – PDF

2014 Letter to Judge Sam A. Lindsay Regarding Barrett Brown Sentencing

Dear Judge Sam A. Lindsay,

I am writing to you on behalf of Barrett Brown. My name is Michael Ratner, and I have been a constitutional and human rights lawyer for over 40 years. I am the President Emeritus of the Center for Constitutional Rights in New York.

I first got to know Barrett about four years ago. I have followed his reporting for a long time. We spoke several times on the telephone, about the work of journalists whom I represent, and about his own journalism. He was incredibly supportive of the work of my clients, and genuinely took an interest in covering them. I knew from our conversations that he was committed to pursuing causes of justice and advocating for those whose First Amendment rights were threatened.

Barrett is a brilliant writer and insightful investigative journalist. He has an incredible career ahead of him and I am confident he will continue to contribute to society through his writing. He is bright, articulate, and I feel strongly that the life he has led and will lead is representative of the young man Barrett is. I have no doubt that Barrett will remain a productive, warm and reliable person.

When I met Barrett, I could have never imagined that he would be involved in what allegedly occurred in Texas. He is always been a negotiator and defender in every instance that I have seen.

When it comes the time to sentence Barrett, I hope you consider being lenient with him. I think he has shown that he deserves leniency.

Thank you for considering this letter.

Very truly yours,

Michael Ratner

President Emeritus, Center for Constitutional Rights