Letter to UN Missions Regarding Uniting for Peace Resolution – PDF

2003 Letter to UN Missions Regarding Uniting for Peace Resolution


Dear Sir:

Attached please find draft of a letter requesting the U.N. Secretary General to Convene an Emergency Special Session of the General Assembly to consider a Uniting for Peace Resolution together with draft of such a Resolution.

As you will no doubt appreciate, a Uniting for Peace Resolution is appropriate where the Security Council is unable to fulfill its mandate of enforcing international peace and security.

In light of the increased buildup of military forces in the Gulf, statements of both the U.S. and UK governments that they will resort to using force against Iraq without a resolution of the Security Council and possible stalemate among Members of the Security Council, there is a clear and imminent threat to international peace and security which the Security Council cannot effectively address. In these circumstances it is both necessary and appropriate that the General Assembly acts by adopting a Uniting for Peace Resolution to restore peace and security in the region.

We would be grateful if you would carefully consider initiating the procedures necessary to convene an emergency special session of the                 General Assembly to consider such a Resolution.

If we can be of further assistance to you in this matter, please do not hesitate to contact either Michael Ratner on 212 [redacted] or Steven Watt on 212 [redacted] both of the Center for Constitutional Rights.


Center for Constitutional Rights