Lumintang Notes – PDF

Lumintang Notes


What do—role of US and its surrogates; expose/slow/stop

—having your own accent; human rights groups

what I have done with law

Debate with Ken


Attica, spying, black bag jobs; grand juries; draft Viet-nam
Puerto Rico—Vieques

76-80—Carter—post Vietnam—weak—human rights—(WPR before; forg Asst act; IEEPA,

Nica; Grenada; El Salvador; Guatemala

1981—Reagan—domestic and international

What did in each of these places—Guat as well

Series of cases in 80’s to restrain warmaking and expose if not stop the serious human rights

violations—not abstract—came out of strong social movement in US against

War Cases—Crockett—high water mark—Nica—Salvador—Grenada–Iraq—Kosovo—dead

letter—cong never really voted to stop; lesson—legal argument—closed-boland

Coupled those with went after the human rights violations

Sanchez-Espinoza—stat.Fil-1st time rape as war crime—torture–not want to bring

decision—opposite—ok forg but not if domestic— (Hormon)(Linder)(world court)

play; etc.

Domestic Spying

late 80’s end of that period

  1. no war challenges—banding together
  2. no human rights challenges—diff set—individual americans or related—harbury and linder 3.right thing to do—no regrets

Haiti—won and lost—what US said

1350 cases against surrogates

incredible success—Gramajo—serve and CIA; Panjaitian: Avril (corp)

interfere—but go forward—control—lumintang

Today—picking up pieces of US past—Guat; Hormon; Harbury; Habre; Pinochet But still not getting the US—Hormon?? Harbury; Alvarez

Pinochet case—ICC and HRW—who else, just the left; US not worry about ICC and Pinochet Articles.—

cold war and change

Sudan; bombing of Iraq, Haiti, Columbia, Turkey, Israel, Indonesia, embargo, saudi arabia,

fujimori, Kosovo