Murder By The State: Accountability for Extrajudicial Killings, Occupation, Torture and Drones – Panel at Bertha Institute Social Justice Conference – Moderator’s Remarks Speech Notes – PDF

2014 Bertha Justice Conference Panel Speech Notes

Murder by state seeking accountability for extrajudicial killings torture and drones

Remarkable advocates activists–

Haiti Colombia (in state and US companies) US — Israel Palestine

Order and time 10-1145 10 min each 40 min questioning each other and from you


  1. Why? International human right law innovating that

Yes establish it and Pinochet case and others done—but for me not so much about that

Relationship of law and organizing –context not an abstraction or precedent

a. Tools in the struggle and strategy–how use it where on going struggle is going on Nicaragua gramajo outside the country —goal; Colombia haiti Palestine yemen

empower people–does the work empower people lead to change in context of a struggle or about something else can it disempower

b. or root out in current govt–not a cleaning after change or not happen again or restitution for the victims or all of those argentina at first now

c. or in US case drones not really a movement here this is the US an outrage support—not enuff yemen

d. after the fact: le survivors; victims precedent impt hisan habre chad precedent Salvador cases; rios mont inside good—precedent does empower—in country or out less interested for me

–observation few will protect them –former has been dictators—outside vs in diff than on going or corporation

danger not look to courts to do it—stampedes to the court —

  1. Risks to those involved especially where not real change and old forces still power military and otherwise —; or where on going struggles esp global south–still contentious death threats surveillance criminal charges

diff compare here Rumsfeld –al alwwaki

Mario Jospeh—prec measures

Soroya Gutierrez Resptrepo laywers collective

Pardiss Kebriawi diff

Hazem Jamjoum al-shapaka badil in bethlehm

  1. Tactics used to support this kind of work grassroots fill ct room stop and firsk; international support Transnational organizing etc

4 years to do courage working as part of a movement whether ongoing struggle or impunity


1. Hazem Jamjoum –grad hist student; with al-shabaka palestinian policy network; Palestinian human rights and self-determination within the framework of international law.

formerly with Badil Resouce center for plaestinian and refugee rights (bethlehem) 66 years of nakba right of return and a founder of coalition against apartheid

2. Soroya Gutierrez

Legal team of ccajar —20 years executive director almost 30 attys

Vicitims and survivors of massacres extrajudicial killings bombings by state

Jose Alvear Restrepo Lawyers’ Collective (CCAJAR) 35 years

Indivisibility of all rights and freedoms—oppsoe that to here

Fight against impunity Just and equitable society– with political social and economic inclusion

The price has been a life under constant threat. (she numerous death threats against her and family) Serious security incidents include government officials making statements linking CCAJAR’s lawyers to insurgent organisations, and death squads publicly identifying them as “military targets.”

3. mario joseph lawyer 20 years practicing law with social movements in Haiti

Managing atty with bureau avocats international bai (bertha justice network) largest public int law center impt grass roods raboatwau massacre womens groups rapes of oor womn cholera cases bai with bertha and ccr (brian of inst for justice and democ in haiti) signinficant victory in Duvalier

Pardis Kebriaei–senior staff atty ccr 2007 post 911 gitmo; 2 men died there—al zahrani case; targeted killings 2 al alwalki

ccr broader—palestine; flotilla ats gramajo etc criminal ie Rumsfeld etc