National Lawyer’s Guild Speech Honoring Michael Smith – Speech Notes – PDF

Photo @ Robin Martin

2015 NLG Speech Honoring Michael Smith

Michael debbie eli share a lot of our lives – One thing we don’t share is fishing—but we did once

Going fishing tomorrow in Wisconsin -Michael’s brother in law-Michael used to come-not tomorrow Despite his coordination-never took it–

Biggest problem lay down by river and fall asleep in the weeds-we kept fishing- Sometimes 30 minutes to find him- so better to sleep at home

known Michael Debbie and son eli a very long time-35 years or more-around corner-

But started to work together and very good friends-our first Che book-FOIA FBI-documents­ smart for a latino–

(cuba together-met the part of che’s band that survived  Bolivia)

Second book che who killed che-CIA-political context –tireless Argentina and Cuba Many other books -notes of a 60’s radical boxes left

Imagine living in a socialist USA —trances goldin debby and Michael Ratner

In cuba a few days ago-and there on top of book by joe slovo and che diary-another one of michael’s books-the emerging police state–speeches of  bill Kunstler  edited in part by michael

And then of course his politics and political activism-utterly poltical person-life is that Gave up law practice because now again full time

I can only tell you this-often way ahead of me-both of us anti-Zionist

But he saw years ago-that a two state solution was dead-I argued with him-impossible-

But so as he pointed out then were two states negotiations without end while Israel gobbles land-

Or saw Steven Salaita case as critical to academic freedom and Palestine put his skills behind that battle

And this Michael technology and gadgets–

perhaps scores of Emails each day—no need to read anything but his emails although Technology not his   strength-

many are very funny–

This: comes WednesdayI got an apple watch. All I have to do is look at my wrist to tell the time Last week this occurred: -upstate-and purist that he may be in politics-in gadgets he is not Electric bike-hills–hard–we begin at bottom of big hill stops. What wrong-a hour walk – What was problem-plug for charger not plugged in

    1. Our radio show-I think my wife Karen described it as the car talk of left radio-we-heidi I and michael have a wonderful time doing it-ms especially like lunch after
    2. End on this-incredible generosity to all-concert brooklyn folk festival–blind boy Paxton is up-he says thrilled he is to play in from of his ma and his pa-and of course he meant michael and debby-he have been a ma and pa to so many of us