NDAA: Why OK to Indefinitely Detain Non-Citizens, But Not Citizens? – Just Left Blog Post

1. By claiming roughly similar detention and trial by commission powers as Bush employed-powers which I find illegal and immoral– Obama, as a Democrat, has made them part of the fabric of our laws. No longer are they the aberration of a right wing Republican in a time to “terror emergency.” And now having legislation confirm those powers makes matters worse.

2. That confirmation as some on the list serve said, makes detention of US citizens easier.

3. But I am also concerned by the focus on US citizens. Why is it OK to do to non-citizens what we say should not be done to US citizens? Sure, the constitution. But as a matter of human rights should not all of us have similar fundamental rights regarding detention and trial? Is not all the debate about US citizens a form of exceptionalism that reinforces some of the worst aspects of what we are doing to others? By focusing on US citizens we allow people in the US to forgot about human beings jailed at Gitmo, Bagram etc.