Opening of National Lawyers Guild Archive at Tamiment Library, NYU – Speech Notes – PDF

2009 Opening of NLG Archive

Thank Tamiment—

Mike nash– Krinsky and firm heidi

Archives Keeps growing

—my counsel: jonathan haeftz– and mark denbeaux–gitmo–

Archives–fbi and others–

Preserving—giving life to it–struggles–visual–everyday every week

Wander around here—Spanish civil war  gun–

CP struggles–lynching

NLG—unions—to new deal/social se —huac—southern civil rights-vn—cuba—Central America—today—

One Function–not apparent—parties/factions—contentious world—that never got along in life—

Story from mary belfrage—cedric’s wife—cp—his paper—mex

Lunch with Max Shachtman’s wife—expelled from party—bitter enemies

Apparently max’s wife upset the papers of these two —in same library

Mike told me talk a bit about relationship of ccr to nlg—

—so I thought what is that–­

Founded 30 years apart—both out of social movements

nlg—non racist alt to aba—new deal—

Ccr—new left 66—founded by old left—(not so old)

Founded by key NLG members—morty Arthur bill (nlg but that pt) ben smith–staff nlg–father a founder of nlg; me former president of nlg—

Ccr primarily litigation without members

Nlg—members prog lawyers

work together—wiretap suit—

Key supporter of both was bob b–38 as a student nlg

Mike—just look to right wing—horowitz—

“The center and the guild are integral parts of the radical left and see themselves as the legal arm of the movement against American imperialism. Each has a long history of obstructing the American governments efforts against communism in the cold war against Russia and in Vietnam and in other fields of conflict.” (add wiretap; patriot act; )

A lot of that—2 wings of same bird–

Impt nlg for me–

67 columbia—gus margie me Eleanor–

Decimated-150 people

68—arrests—who defend hundreds of us–

Nig—older attys—mary k (nuremberg) david s (ild)–

Couple in the next—lubells–decimated

Edge of new left—lenny jerry lefcourt Schaap—

What we learned about ct room—and politics—clients—nature of cts–

Garry — bill

81 and central America—



Nationwide network—

Part of history of struggle—part of it—