Pinochet is Best Left to His Past – Letter to the Editor NY Times

To the Editor:

Carroll Bogert (Op-Ed, Dec. 2) argues that Fidel Castro could be found guilty of crimes against humanity for the execution of ”hundreds, if not thousands, of enemies.”

However, Ms. Bogert fails to mention that the Spanish courts recently found there was insufficent evidence to even open an investigation regarding Fidel Castro’s conduct.

Moreover, Ms. Bogert ignores the role of the Central Intelligence Agency in aiding General Pinochet’s secret police in the 1970’s when more than 3,000 people were murdered (“U.S Will Release Files on Crimes Under Pinochet,” front page, Dec. 2)

To uphold the Pinochet principle by minimizing or ignoring United States crimes will hardly lead to universal justice.


The writer is a lawyer with the Center for Constitutional Rights.