Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) 40th Anniversary President’s Reception – Speech Notes – PDF

2007 40th President’s Reception Notes

Welcome to 40th anniversary celebration—in common with rolling stone

I am mdr—president—most of its 40 years—vince warren—

We have with us a lot others—worked with ccr—attys legal workers directors—stand—(greg marilyn clement ron daniels—)

Thanks all of the others—-supporters, foundations attys across the country–­600 gitmo—

Special thanks— 3 sponsors of this celebration—
Atlantic philanthropies—1st meeting—survive—

DLA piper—

Weil Gothal and manges—indian land—first amend 600 gitmo—

Thanks for the event—Staff—grown so has our work-

50 of us 17 atty

Able to pull this off

-intense time—and place—

coordinate—lobbying efforts 72 visits and attys—save habeas—remarkable

to see—ccr leadership—crockett—

not that we are less progressive—but denial of fundamental rights —

pervasive—threat—across the board—-

Bill K—in one of his last speeches said:

Every generation has its time to struggle. There are no green pastures.

For 40 years we have taken that lesson of bill k to heart—

We remain as alex c said” a splendid band of tigerish people”

Generation after generation—supporting as ak would say people s struggles or movements for social change and fundamental rights—-

The issues of the day at our founding are still the issues of the day—and where we focus—

Issues of race of war of prisons of women, of immigrants, of torture

And of executive power —possibly the gravest threat now—permanent war/power—

Do anything—torture disappear and detain—gravest threat to democ

Often think—

What would founders think—really proud of us—

Ak—admonishing us to not let bush admin —”abandon, if not totally destroy, the written Constitution of the United States” and join peoples struggles–­Bill k—understanding—early—emerging police state—hard cases—Morty—continued commit to issues of race and the south—

Ben Smith—optimism that we will prevail—saw the impossible—hope for future—-

Bob b—I know what he thought—get rid of bush; stop the war; gitmo—-Peter—with us—international law flourish—

My experiences—motley—characteristics—brash original courageous Nowhere else to be– rhonda and me

Still think that after all these years—

Look at response to 9/11 the roundups gitmo arar the war

Courage of our conviction—no one—gitmo—-

No more gitmos—editorial nyt

We are where we should be—doing what we should—

In the thick of the struggle—

In the passions and issues of the day—

adhering to our values for a just society–

Amazing victories—
Prison telephone–


Meeting major michael mori dan mori-

1st client



Military commission—understood—not just in the courts-7 times hero aust