Speech Notes for Event Marking 10th Anniversary of Rasul v. Bush – PDF

2014 10th Anniversary of Rasul v Bush

Great to see all my friends here

Heroes in this long struggle insure fundamental rights to our clients; close gitmo

esp nice gita 1st one to visit gitmo after rasul order–

all Grown older started in my late 50’s long struggle 12 years–but at least lived life – not true 149 many others shaker aamer 2x who somehow keep going

Remarkable 12 years-of a dramatic human, moral, and legal struggle-to close gitmo Gitmo was and remains an incredible stain on our country, our civilization and our humanity

We must not forget the suffering our country intentionally and lawlessly inflicted and continues to inflict on hundreds of human beings-

Perhaps the finest page of the struggle to close Guantanamo was all of you; and hundred more-­

Lawyers–who put their minds, resources and very hard work into this struggle-Forming what I think Eugene Fidel named the Guantanamo Bay Bar Association-It’s a heroic page in legal history a movement of lawyers

A very short bit of history of how we started

Detention at gitmo began–jan 11 2002–12 years ago

10 years since victory in rasul NYT most impt civil rights case in 50 years brown v bd

Many thought that would be end of gitmo; not to be-govt all 3 branches–years of resistance—Despite this–We did–you–mostly prevailed–but not for all–and stubbornly Gitmo remains open;

149 there–and lawlessness underlying gitmo remains–­Almost all without charges over half cleared

I am not optimistic on current prospects

For me and CCR it all began when read military order no 1 nov 13, 2001–2 mo aft 9/11 No mention gitmo   but did abolish habeas; set up indef detention and more;

We at CCR were utterly shocked outraged–and said we will represent first taken in­

Despite risks to our funding; anger in community; and very bad precedents-almost sure loss-­-decided to take first cases whomever they wld be

Reached out for allies essentially none not one human right group But 2 lawyers came forward–thinking along similar lines

Joe Margulies Clive Stafford Smith;

and then the biggest surprise a call from tom wilner at Sherman and sterling DC–

all you say can is what??? No other human rights group and its to going to be them?

Our office to their office–taped carpets to marble–incredible good working relationship–at least for a while we were the experts and even tom thought so

Then announced gitmo; jan 11 2002 the first plane–incommunicado but got names Hicks lawyer-Australian rasul–tipton 3–clive

Not our or my first experience with gitmo Haiti law free zone or at least no court say anything Hate mail   children hundreds

Initially dct–no local atty to even sign the habeas ct appeals–like talking to a wall–randolph Hopeless s ct

Ultimately took cert

this initial group of lawyers-and it grew a bit on the way to the set–only association of bar nyc a brief  (Judge Gibbons argued it)

You  know the rest-habeas rights–

Mad dash to get attys; names etc call went out

And it was answered not with a trickle of responses but with a wave 100 immediately 600 eventually–

Perhaps as I said the bar’s finest hour—and it remains so

I close with this message

No dobut it’s a Sisyphean struggle with this difference

each time we push the rock up the hill we make a gain some releases move forward and begin the next phase; closer to the top of the hill and our goal close gitmo

I am proud to be among you