Statement on Herman Bell – PDF

2014 Statement on Herman Bell

While I have not spent time with Herman for a long time, one experience at trial gave me some sense of what a fine person Mr. Bell is. My mother was dying of cancer during the year of Mr. Bell’s trial and I often came to court saddened by my visits to the hospital. Herman would embrace me and we would talk about the importance of our families and our mothers. But it was the letter he wrote to my mother in the hospital that really moved me to tears. At a time when he was facing life imprisonment, he wrote my mother about me. Although I cannot find the letter, I recall it like it was yesterday as it was so meaningful to me and my mother. Herman described my work at trial, my emotions about her after the hospital visits, and concluded by saying to my mother that she had raised a really fine son and that she should be very proud of me. It was a beautifully written, genuine letter that brought real comfort to my mother who was never going to see her son reach accomplished maturity. I often silently thank Mr. Bell for this letter written at a time when he could think of others and not just his own difficult situation.