Steven Salaita Solidarity Event – Speech Notes – PDF

2014 Steven Salaita Solidarity Event Notes

Welcome from M and K

Jake and Ana–and his activities)

Especially Steve (Diana + lngatius) to say proud to have him with us–

Thank Donna Nevel Felice Gelman Michael Smith Alan Levine Helen Schiff M RK

Maria LH CCR lawsuit with lovey and lovey in Chicago

Begin a week of activities-flyer set of events

Short program

Steve 15

Questions and answers five Donna fundraiser seven—

A word before I turn it over to Steve

1.  Appalled by what we have called the Palestine Exception to the First Amendment–

Free speech stops at advocating human rights self determination for Palestinians That exception came down with part vengeance On Steve Salaita

And in an academic in institution–Univ of Ill Urbana Champaign Where debate on vigorous strongly held views shd be the norm

  1. Steve–professor author–white settler colonialism–gave up tenured job to accept another tenured job at Univ-signed contract-American Indian Studies; sold his house and ready to move-classes, books
  2. Summer Gaza war-he like many watched with horror 2000 500

Of Palestinian dissent–special resonance but a horror to any caring human being

Reacted strongly especially in tweets etc

  1. Monitored by amcha the guarantors that no free speech on Palestine Apparently pressure from donors–

Bd or Trustees 8-1 not to confirm his appointment–

Leaving him with no job; and in this country–a difficult future

5.    His incredible courage in the face of it–extraordinary–­That he is here is extraordinary

Steve is paying consequences that few of us; if any have had to pay for exercise of free speech rights

To Steve his wife and child To his future career

To any other academic professor

To serious engagement is difficult issues on college campus

6.    Huge support 6000 prof boycott aaup mla asa support

As my friend m smith says Perhaps the most impt free speech, freedom of association, academic freedom since keyshain case in set outlawed anti-cp blacklist

To say I am proud drastic understatement