Terrorism and Dissent with Phil Donahue – George Goodman Memorial Symposium, SUNY Stonybrook – Speech Notes – PDF

2005 George Goodman Symposium Speech Notes

Drum beats of war—–media–

  1. Phil Donahue—and Amy (and David)—

Better then I about role of media in leading us into war

Phil is a living example of hero-try to do something diff–­ MSNBC—most watched—anti war guests-Belafonte-

Off the air—feb 2003-month before the war- Memo saying as much-too much anti war- Not only example

  1. NYT—mea culpa apology for judy miller reporting on wmds-7 articles-unreliable sources—

–admits not supervise her and should have—-special relationship with publisher—

—not the only one-special relationship with govt and part scooter libby–­ scribe-

—rosenkrantz and Guildenstem-to hamlet—govt- feeds jm her lines-­ scribe

  1. those who tried to expose the lies-like joe Wilson-smeared–wmds- -­ not just bad intelligence—-fabricated-

Indictment-eg libby calls russert and complains about a story—close relationship to press

Those who led us into war—-on false premise—–govt/reporters/media inst. Undercut democracy-population debates fiction not facts

—judy miller—msnbc—nyt—fox; scooter—and company— Paying the cost-who is paying—–

Echoes of Vietnam—media and govt-fabricated-gulf of tonkin country went along then and went along today-

Underlying all this–

Iraq—Imperial projects-domination-need to sell them—-use the media and lies and intimidation to do so-but always so gullible? Not the right word–

Much of media; most of the politician demo or republic buy into the project-on the same page–

We are hear at an amazing moment. This administration is self-destructing­

—it is on the run—-it is weakening —have not seen such a moment in a long time—

back in the 70,s—Watergate—brought on by a war—- gulf of Tonkin/ Ellsberg/pentagon papers-continue it/smash their critics–

like that period-again the war is bringing it down- war—based on a tissue of lies -and lives lost—smashing critics like joe Wilson-unbearable the deaths caused-not get them for the real crime—the war and murder—

can be very dangerous in going down—-leave their marks-alito—

I am not just Pollyannaish about the trouble this administration is in—it is not just wishful thinking—here is why I think so

even conservatives—david brooks–bursting point—-war enron torture Katrina—moment like the 60 or 70s’; 2 directions—that is critical for what we do today

and former admin officials—a most amazing speech a week ago–­ by Lawrence Wilkerson former chief of staff at state/Powell’s chief aide—accused a cabal led by Cheney and Rumsfeld— of hijacking of forg policy, make us weaker, led to iraq; green light to abuse detainees—( a cabal yes-but aided and abetted by news media and a base that media has converted)

As Wilkerson said: If you’re unilaterally declaring Kyoto dead, if you’re declaring the Geneva Conventions not operative, if you’re doing a host of things that the world doesn’t agree with you on and you’re doing it blatantly and in tl1eir face, without grace, then you’ve got to pay the consequences—

Wilkerson said you’ve got to pay the consequences- And I say- they are starting to pay

  1. and some liberals now see the beginning of the end-or as paul krugman said this Monday in nyt—end of the nightmare

The Bush administration will stagger on for three more years. But its essential fraudulence stands exposed—

-the end of the nightmare-intellectual Real people-tortured-killed—

  1. As I said amazing moment—administration is paying for its illegal war against Iraq—

Its mired down-made world more dangerous; attacks 230 to 700 per week–

Sadly thousands of Iraqis and Americans are paying well-oct worst month since January—

-democrats—most wimping out-hillary—-

  1. Indictment of scooter libby-perjury/obstruction and lying-­ you know that story—

came from efforts to smear the man who exposed the fraud-joe Wilson by exposing his wife as Cia-originated think with cheney-democrats for apology—-now appoint addington—

again not for the real crimes-this group-the cabal—

  1. There is Katrina-exposed the poverty and racism and cronyism in this country—

and yes—many would say exposed the effects of global warming—-and refusal to adhere to Kyoto; newest hurricane-more evidence—gathered speed twice as fast as expected—

6, There is the exposure of administration’s ongoing torture and detention

of people all over the world—

CCR-gitmo victory-still fighting — Gitmo—forced feeding


–blow to admin of the -Mccain amendment—-if you all know what that is-outlaws what has already been outlawed-cidt—90-9—republicans-­ beating up on bush—weakness

Not over—but imagine

Recent exposes yesterday nyt-admin still wants to tortrure people Cia hell holes—-wp

Lawless state–

  1. What happened to miers shows how beholden to the far right of the party-fundamentalist/anti abortion/executive power—
  2. Shows a weakness in miers defeat-but also a real problem for anyone who cares about checks and balances/police state—the const-ciivl rights—left with a legacy on the court—

Roberts-expansive view of executive power

–but also be seen as Appointments to protect from war crimes—-judges; Gonzales/rummy/shut the congress up—


My political philosophy-social context–­ Anachronisms-

Administration is –On the run—but still dangerous=

Our job is to keep them running—–expose their lies/deceptions/crimes-


This is not a time for armchair critics—

Weakened admin Even without a strong people’s movement in this country, with a weakened spineless democratic party, ( a word about them-move only when we move them—demand—bromides–)—-

Alito and democrats-take a dive—right wing would and did Really self destructed—

Peoples movement—still no mass movement-small left parties—need more-yesterday–

Special moment-don’t come along often—-think what we can do if we fight back–

the direction is not a given—–can go in diff ways—hard right/Giuliani right/dangerous

Each weakness is just that-a weakness­ In each area I have outline fight back–

Torture rendition–detention trial—pre magna carta-nothing–­ Understand what we have done-


-go to ccr web

Iraq—don ‘t hold your nose and vote for hillary—responsible for every death Rove and company—a cabal yes—but a social base=

Alberto Yes fight directly-each-

But understand-need a change in govt-

But just changing to democrats-not the answer Not want same with velvet gloves—

Hold their feet to fire-what we are fighting about-

Bringing back democracy, and decency and human rights this country- A lawful state–

So weak-joy—not an armchair critic–