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2009 Lotos Club Speech Notes

Lotos pamphlet books

Alex CCR Bd—special place—work describe other: nyc fire dept.; stop and frisk; shell—

Carole Havana Jake

Great moment to be here

Remarkable moment—African American—ccr founded—my experiences

Remarkable to be rid of Bush—off the page of law

Ccr out of the desert on key issues—still not complete, not perfect, but at least a struggle—forces on administration—we need ours—krugman economy or

First full day: each with some caveats: 1 close gitmo 2 close secret sites 3 end torture 4 End extra renditions 5. suspend mil trials

Other issues: foia gag rule emissions equal pay

So back on a page of sanity—-

Step back to Gitmo–first case

How involved? Other attys Who there? What are issues? What next?

Torture CCR early filartiga Gitmo Arar Cheney Rumsfeld

What Obama do—-afm—cia exemption; afm problem; panetta

State secrets—jeppesen and arar and Rumsfeld

Accountability best picture cheney + holder +cat

Look forward; legal defenses—

Make me

  1. Torture nice to see the exec order and Holder and Panetta on waterboarding but don’t like the wiggle room which is growing: study group for CIA using additional techniques; Annex M must be repealed —written by Bushies and applies to non POWs—Obama should not accept that—isolation and sleep deprivation; Panetta fell for the ticking time bomb and additional interrogation techniques
  1. Secret sites good to close them what does expeditiously mean? And worse leaving them open for “short term” transitory detentions what does that mean how long? These were 7 years is short term a year a month?
  2. Military commissions only a 4 month suspension EO leaves as a possibility as you can tell from torture list this cld be bad military commission even with more due process are awful –after the fact making up the rules— see holder and Obama at 9/11 meeting–this is an option we must get rid of
  1. Gitmo glad to see order closing–not glad to see a possible 3 baskets for detainees trial or repatriation or some kind of other detention CCR and most Gitmo lawyers want only the first 2 baskets—any kind of preventive detention scheme would be anathema
  2. Renditions—good to end extraordinary renditions but if done with diplomatic assurances it is not worth much and in fact nothing if too a country that routinely tortures; as to renditions a big disappointment even if it was done by other presidents—it occurs generally with force and violence and is against the law —and will they settle Arar?
  3. State secrets well I guess Jeppensen says it all—really bad assertion likewise the Binyan Mohamed case—
  4. Accountability –picture of obama signing eo’s is best reason for prosecutions; can next president simply sign different eo’s ; also assertion of state secrets means we coverup continues and of course as scott and I agreed on democ now last week CAT requires a criminal invest. where torturers on your territory and we have that with cheney admission and holder and pnaetta saying waterboard is torture and of course Crawford and maq