War and Civil Liberties – Rutgers – Speech Notes – PDF

2002 Rutgers Speech War and Civil Liberties

War and Civil Liberties Rutgers dec 1 CCR early out

Optimism—patriot; demons-war; fta; wto republican; chomsky; moore books; libraries; gitmo-cert grant; congress

Leno– As you may have heard, the U.S. is putting together a constitution for Iraq. Why don’t we just give them ours? Think about it — it was written by very smart people, it’s served us well for over two hundred years, and besides, we’re not using it anymore.”

The onion- 1, 4, 5 8 9

Cant talk about civil liberties without talking about war

  1. Scared-difficult-more will hate
    1. war gives the excuse; military ness and national security-Passaic; secrecy; gitmo Hedges: tyranny abroad and now home; crassus as consul-spartacus

That is what we are talking about here

  1. Shred the consensus-admit illegal-Richard perle

Draconian cutbacks on civil liberties-and will talk about some-9/ 11 pretext Themes that run through–

Attacks on -non-citizens-partic muslims and people of arab ethnicity

Military order–9/11 roundups; gitmo; special registration; torture; fbi and mosques; 500 questioned; chaplain yee-well makes sense-no-saudis; profiles change; over and under inclusive; immoral; painted in broad brush strokes

effect-makes it harder to fight-give up liberty for security; loot at what won: tips stigmatize-capt yee-cap  wen ho yee

what do to community re work with

Increased power to the executive–getting rid of checks and balances-

No court review of detentions; immigration rules; wiretap; patriot act-rubber stamp–police state

Not serious-as ness is no investigation Focus on a few of more horrendous aspects–

Torture–Arar; smear; travel advisory; standing in Muslim world Egyptian; rendering;

Bagram; Guantanamo-corrupt in and corrupt out Dershowitz; US position

Law; filartiga and quote; morality; efficacy-

Lets join world of torturers-pinochet; Argentina; Guatemala

Guantanamno-cert ICRC; lord steyn–support Magna carta-aust

Tribunals-only non citizens-aust/uk 9/11 roundups-disappeared in america

foia/secret hearing–turkman

Arbitrary justice as long as your hand-5th amend due process Moussaoui-tribunal-witness

Al marri-enemy combatant

US Citizen-enemy combatant Padilla


Gitmo-no trial or tribunal

Patriot Act

215-lib; 218 wiretapping; cia; domestic terrorism


FBI guideline

Patriot-not sole reason Tips/total information Caps II

Demonstrations- feb 15; Miami

What can be done-patriot act; websites; books; library; demos; congress